Sales Representatives and Structure assignment help



You are to assume the role of Hart’s sales executives and provide “The Plan” by making the following decisions:

  1. What is your recommendation for a total number of sales representatives?
  2. What are your recommendations regarding sales force structure?
  • 15-20 double spaced pages in text length, not including cover page or Appendices
  • New Times Roman, 12pt font
  • The paper must be written according to APA style and be carefully referenced
  • You must include an abstract which is included in your total page count

NOTE:  You must include your rationale and support each of your decisions/ comments.

Suggested approach:

As described in our syllabus, this should be approached as an “ongoing” project.  You must not wait until the end of the semester and approach this like a “case analysis”.  This is much more than a case analysis…it is a project.  So, I highly recommend that you approach this project in sections that are intentionally aligned with each week of study and class material. 


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