Download the and unzip it. This will create a folder section-yourGMUUserName-p1.

computer science



• Download the and unzip it. This will create a folder section-yourGMUUserName-p1. 

• Rename the folder replacing section with the 001, 002, 005, etc. based on the lecture section you are in. 

• Rename the folder replacing yourGMUUserName with the first part of your GMU email address. 

• After renaming, your folder should be named something like: 001-krusselc-p1. 

• Complete the readme.txt file (an example file is included: exampleReadmeFile.txt) .

Submission Instructions 

• Make a backup copy of your user folder! 

• Remove all test files, jar files, class files, etc. 

• You should just submit your java files and your readme.txt 

• Zip your user folder (not just the files) and name the zip (no other type of archive) following the same rules for section and username as described above.

• Submit to blackboard. DOWNLOAD AND VERIFY WHAT YOU HAVE UPLOADED THE RIGHT THING. Submitting the wrong files will result in a 0 on the assignment!

Instruction Files

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