Draw an E-R DATA model based on the traffic citation form

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I would like a step by step solution to the questions attached. Preferably if you could send me the completed database that would be great but I don't know how hands-on the tutors are allowed to be
No, the handwritten diagram is just supposed to represent the relationships in the database.

Consider the Washington state patrol traffic citation shown in figure 4-22. The rounded corners on this form provide visual hints about the boundaries of the entities represented. 

A. Draw an E-R DATA model based on the traffic citation form. Use five entities, create identifiers(watch out for any composite identifiers that may be needed, and you can use surrogate identifiers if appropriate) and use the data items on the form to specify attributes for the entities. Use the IE Crow's Foot E-R model for your E-R diagram.

B. Specify relationships among the entities. Name the relationships, and specify the relationship types and cardinalities. Justify the decisions you make regarding minimum and maximum cardinalities, indicating which cardinalities can be inferred from the data on the form and which need to be checked out with the system users.

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