Effective Practitioner prominences on person-centered, safe, evidence-based care.





Effective Practitioner prominences on person-centered, safe, evidence-based care. The information, resources and actions are considered to support building a strong relationship with patients that result in a positive experience and outcomes. The knowledge, skills, and practices of early childhood educators are important factors in responsible how much a young child learns and how ready that child is for entry into school. Early childhood educators are being asked to have deeper understandings of child development and early education issues; to provide richer educational knowledges for all children, excluding those who are helpless and lacking; to engage children of changing abilities and backgrounds; to connect with a diverse array of families; and to do so with greater strains for responsibility and, in some cases, fewer resources, than ever before.


Kangaroo kids billabong high MM international school providing sustainable education for children aged between 2 to 8 years .begins  a sub-franchise of islander’s  education  limited (KKEL), this is the first school  to follow an international curriculum from per to primary  in Gdh. Thinadhoo. KKEL  is an  innovative, vibrant, creative energetic organization where 13 staffs and 100 students are enrolled in this organization  and each one of us strives through  our practice to whole heartedly serve children and make every learning  moment a joyful , effective and meaningful  one . highlighting  the KKEL curriculum it is learner- centric, research based and continuously improve, to offer a superior quality standard to  abreast with the newer dimensions in 21st  century education .


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