Essay on the Abolishing the Minimum Wage

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Read about the debate on Abolishing the Minimum wage below, and prepare a well-thought out formal essay of 4 to 5 pages in which you deal with each of the four criteria for critical thinking skills specified below. You may have subheadings for each of the four items if that will help you. Be mindful of plagiarism, this assignment will be checked through Turn it in.

Clearly and effectively summarizes main issues or problems and explains why or how they are questions or problems.

Clearly and effectively identifies one’s own position in a comprehensive and fair evaluation of multiple perspectives on an issue or a problem; identifies the influence of context and questions assumptions of own and others perspectives.

Identifies significant supporting data/evidence and evaluates its relevance and credibility; consistently distinguishes between fact and opinion; recognizes bias and value judgments.

Thoroughly discusses implications and applies conclusions to an analysis of an argument, or to reach a decision, or to solve a problem.

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