Essay Plan (Argument Essay = you have to take a position) Develop only one side of the argument



Essay Plan (Argument Essay = you have to take a position)

Develop only one side of the argument

Take a position and support and defend your position

A possible model


Background information

In the past ten years countries all over the world have become more environmentally conscious, particularly when it comes to shopping. Ethical consumerism is a potentially ideal way to approach the business of shopping these days.


Definition/clarification (if needed)

Ethical consumerism can be defined as a movement, or it can also be defined as a conscious way of spending and purchasing or sharing goods and services.


Thesis statement

This essay will argue that ethical consumerism is the only way for a sustainable future,

Key points (1/2…)

because ethical consumerism has multiple environmental benefits, which can ensure a sustainable future and also, recycling materials can contribute to a sustainable future.




Topic Sentence 1 (key point 1)

Good environmental benefits


Example + explanation (in-text referencing)


According to Smith (2020) ………

Example + explanation (in-text referencing)

Article 2:

…………………………………………….. (Jones, 2019).

Closing sentence





Topic Sentence 2 (key point 2)

Recycling is supporting sustainability

Example + explanation (in-text referencing)

TED lecture: As Stokes (2018) emphasised……

Example + explanation (in-text referencing)

Adams (2020) reported/ stated that ……..

Closing sentence




Summary of all issues discussed


NO new information

NO in-text referencing

Final conclusive statement (link back to the Thesis Statement)



References (in alphabetical order)


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