Executive Summary of the business purpose and business model



My wife and I have decided to invest our life's savings in the best new business concept conceived by a member of this Management class! Please construct an 8-10 slides  POWERPOINT business plan to the following specifications, which have been modified, from page 140 of our text. Note: a "standard" business plan would require entire sections of financial projections and rationale - that is for another day. I am MOST interested in your idea and how you justify it in the context of the competitive environment. Be creative!!

1.)Executive Summary of the business purpose and business model (retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer, licensee, franchisee, consultant).

2.)Environmental analysis; nature of the industry, general trends, risks, legal or regulatory issues.

3.)Company format; corporation, partnership, proprietorship

4.)Target Market; demographic, psychographic, geographic, end use

5.)Primary competitor and assessment of its strengths and weaknesses

6.)Basis for a sustainable competitive advantage vs. the market in which you will compete

7.)Marketing Strategy; Product category and characteristics, Method of/location for distributing product, Promotional and communication strategies, Pricing strategy relative to primary competitor

8.)Operations strategy; Sourcing of supplies, service methods etc.

9.)Sustainability and Social Responsibility Strategy

10.)Management and human resource philosophy

11.)Assessment of potential weaknesses and rationale for success.

Students are encouraged to use bullet points, charts, graphs and visual content to support their plans. Note: you will not have to present the plan - simply post it in BB for my review. Grading is based on criteria outlined in the course syllabus.

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