Faxing- fax machine problem/paper/line/fax machine maintenance



The Roadmap to Problem Solving ABC company

The major financial issue cutting the cost of operations.

The other issues:

Time frame for placing the order and confirmation stock

Stock inventory recording

Excel file with qty on hand

Replace fax for email, receive fax into email

Why just don’t send the order form directly to warehouse keeping inventory stock visible will allow offering the replacement of the product right on stage of ordering, the customer service see the stock can cut the stages of order clerk


The goal is cut the cost of operations

The problem is in managing Human resources and multiplying problem by allowing the order time being stretch in time

We should focus on efficient ordering process for cutting time from initial order placement to the moment the costumer received the order


Initial process has few points how and when it can fall apart

1.     Faxing- fax machine problem/paper/line/fax machine maintenance

2.     Sending person takes the order handwriting gets details and writes on order form send it out to order clerk (Human factor/handwriting)

3.     Receiving clerk can’t see clear, had received not enough details, just a paper jam.

4.     Finally, warehouse gets the 2 copy of order form and check the stock when ships if current in stock.


Solution: Cause and effect diagram should be a great illustration for that type of business


Upgrade the system with computers and have the stock qty handy 


The best solution would be computerization Corporate office Customer service and Warehouse transfer the order clerk into a warehouse for making direct interaction with warehouse personnel and daily update stock make the stock visual for all offices



We can’t afford to lose the clients delaying the product, the market competition is rising, soon enough the ordering will be directly from the website and we can’t keep using fax anymore, and its better to start with small steps an take the situation under control before will lose a significant amount of client due to nonefficient work   


Action plan:

Order computers for corporate office and warehouse

Train personnel on simply email/excel task 2 hours workshop should be enough

Transfer Order Clerk into the warehouse

Build Excel inventory counting sheet set the schedule of sending that sheet at 4 pm every day out to corporate office

Build excel order form/invoice start collect customers emails turn on VISA/MC payment through Credit Machine


Follow up on work in process 







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