The World Of International Business Is Complex And Contested. It Is Also Changing Rapidly.



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Friday, Week 9, Friday 13 March 23:59

Length: 3,500 words

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Feedback will be provided by/using Turnitin. 

Your Assignment 2 rubric is provided below and will be discussed in class as we wish to engage with you in face-to-face mode.

Assessment Declaration:

I declare that in submitting all work for this assessment I have read, understood and agree to the content and expectations of the Assessment declaration (Links to an external site.).


The world of international business is complex and contested. It is also changing rapidly. These changes apply to international business as a whole, the frameworks and structures of businesses themselves, and the way we understand them.

The task of this assignment is to select one of the four international business theories that we have looked at in weeks 6 and 7 of this course – global value chains, global production networks, the global factory, or the platform economy – and apply it to a specific industry of your choosing. Once you have chosen your theory and industry, the essay should be written in response to the following question:

“Does the [your selected theory] theory accurately reflect the current nature of the [your selected industry] industry?”

Some examples:

·         Does the global factory theory accurately reflect the current nature of the clothing industry?

·         Does the global value chain theory accurately reflect the current nature of the consumer electronics industry?

·         Does the platform economy theory accurately reflect the current nature of the transport industry?

·         Does the global production network theory accurately reflect the current nature of the food industry?

This full question should be written at the opening of your essay. We strongly advise you to talk to your tutors about suitable industries.


Further Guidance

In order to successfully complete this assignment, your final essay should include the following (note that this is NOT a suggested essay structure):

·         A firm understanding of your chosen theory, including:

o    Its scholarly origins

o    The problems that it tries to address.

o    How it differs from theories that came before it

o    Its contemporary critics and alternatives

·         A firm understanding of your chosen industry, including:

o    Key firms

o    Industry structure

o    Ownership and financing

o    The influence of government or civil society institutions in firm behaviour

o    Changes to the above over time, and the reasons for these changes.

·         A thorough application of theory to industry, including:

o    The strengths of the theory in understanding the current nature of the industry

o    The limitations of the theory in understanding the current nature of the industry

·         A consistent argument in response to the question: does this theory accurately reflect the current nature of your chosen industry?

See also the rubric below for guidance on what we are looking for.


You are free to use whatever essay structure you feel best conveys this analysis (some structures may be better suited to some theory/industry combinations). However the following suggested structure is recommended:

1.     Introduction

2.     Overview of your theory

3.     History of your industry

4.     Application of theory to industry

5.     Critiques/limitations of this theory’s application to your industry

6.     Conclusion

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