US Distillery Industry



Write an industry analysis for a the US Distillery Industry.  The final deliverable is a 4-page document (single-spaced, Font size 11, 1-inch margins, and page numbers).  Bibliography is required and does NOT count as part of the 4 pages. The Industry Analysis will thoroughly analyze the industry via Porter's Five Forces. The Attached IBIS Report needs to be the primary source and heavily cited throughout the paper. 

Initially, here are some key points related to the research:

- You must have a minimum of four qualitative research sources including the IBISWorld Report for the chosen industry. MUST HAVE IN TEXT CITATIONS

- Your references to the IBISWorld Report need to be clear and frequent. MUST HAVE IN TEXT CITATIONS

- You can obtain research for this project via Google and online searches, and library searches. Acceptable sources include media articles, magazines, periodicals, industry journals, and any other reputable publications.

In terms of the content/format of paper, here are the recommended guidelines.


You will provide a brief and engaging introduction with an informative definition of your industry and some noteworthy points.


You will document a comprehensive and thorough assessment of the particular industry structure using Porter's Five Forces. This is the heart of the project and task and should take up at least three pages of the paper. For each force, you will determine the applicable strength and provide support, explanation, and substantiation in a rigorous fashion. You must directly apply and explore the key elements of the Five Forces to the industry scenarios and dynamics found in the research. The discussion should reflect clarity and understanding of the forces and the industry definition and context. This section should include analytical commentary and original insightful discussion. You will also provide an overall assessment of the major strategic factors and industry situation. How attractive and profitable is the industry? What does the short- and long-term future look like?


In this part, you will provide a concise conclusion of the industry situation. You will emphasize a few major insights and final thoughts from the industry analysis.

Bibliography and Text Citations

The bibliography is mandatory. The bibliography is a reference list of your research sources in MLA format. In Text citations also need to use MLA format.

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