Legal Issues in Employment Selection



Assignment | Unit 4

Focus Paper

A focus paper is a research paper that focuses on a particular aspect of a unit. For each

focus paper assignment, you are to visit a library, such as the Kaplan Library available

on the Kaplan site, to conduct research into the professional and academic literature on

your topic and write up a report of your findings. This report should be three to five

double spaced pages in length and include at least three (3) refereed or peer-reviewed

references other than those you have covered in the course. All references and citations

should follow APA format and citation style.

Refer to the Kaplan Writing Center for APA Format, Citation Style and Writing


For this week, please prepare a paper answering the following question:

What legal issues must you consider in the employee selection, assessment and

decision-making process?

This paper is due at the end of Unit 4.

Directions for Submitting Your Focus Paper

Put your focus paper in a Word document and save it in a location and with a name that

you will remember. When you are ready to submit it, click on the Unit 4: Assignment

link under the Dropbox and follow the instructions. Make sure you save a copy of the

paper you submit.

Assignment Checklist

1. Conduct acceptable levels of research in the professional and academic

literature on the legal issues on employment recruitment, staffing, and selection


2. Determine what the researchers consider as those issues that affect the

employment selection process.

3. Justify whether competency-based interviewing is recommended in selection in

consideration of employment law and other research you have undertaken.

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