final paper written on B.F. Skinner that you worked on for me a couple weeks ago



final paper written on B.F. Skinner that you worked on for me a couple weeks ago. If you need a copy of the other paper you have written me let me know. Thanks The Research Paper is due on Saturday of Week Six. Each student will pick one historical theorist featured in the text but not discussed extensively in class. They include: Alfred Adler Gordon Allport Steven Pinker B. F. Skinner Kurt Lewin Karen Horney Carl Jung Roger Sperry Milicent W. Shinn John Broadus Watson George Kelly Ethel Puffer Howes Carl Rogers Rollo Reese May Mary Calkins Students will perform in-depth research on their chosen theorist and present his/her findings in an 6-8 page paper (excluding the title page, abstract, reference page, and Annotated Bibliography) which will address the following sections: Your Final Paper should include the following: Title page in APA format (Times New Roman, 12 font only) The below areas are required subheadings that must be included within your paper. Biography: A biography of the theorist (1-2 pages). The biography portion of the paper should be brief and relevant to the purpose of the paper (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only). Contributions: A detailed explanation of the theorist's most important contribution to the field (what they are best known for) and description of their empirical research methodologies (2-3 pages) (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only). Evaluation: A critical evaluation of the theory from industry professionals (what are the challenges, strengths, limitations of the theory in psychology today?) (2-3 pages). (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only). Personal Response: A personal response to the theory written in 3rd person. Using the concepts contained within your chosen theory, evaluate how you see the components of this theory in your everyday life. 

This should not be a discussion of your personal life, but a selection of concepts applied to your life as you see them through the eyes/concepts of the theorist. What and how does each concept apply and is currently working in your life (1-2 pages) (Written in third person, Times New Roman, 12 font only)? This is a formal paper (not a list of responses, numbered points, or bullet-points) in APA format (Times new Roman 12 font, 6-8 pages in length (not counting title page, abstract, reference page or Annotated Bibliography), the use of five or more references is required (other than the textbook and website), and it must reflect the use of course content and critical thinking. You must include an APA formatted title page that includes: Student’s name Course name and number Title of paper Instructor’s name Date submitted You must include an introductory paragraph with a succinct thesis statement. You must address the topic of the paper with critical thought. 

 You must conclude with a restatement of the thesis and a conclusion paragraph. You must use APA style 6th ed. as outlined in your approved APA style guide to document all sources. You must include, on the final pages, a reference page followed by an annotated bibliography that is completed according to APA style as outlined in your approved APA style guide. Do NOT include quotes as they do not add to the critical analysis of the content. Do NOT write in short (1-3 sentence) paragraphs. Do NOT include bullet points or numbered items. All images and tables belong in the Appendix section of the paper (after the Annotated Bibliography) and are not considered part of the body content. Do include citations in your paragraphs.

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