For our project we are analyzing the causes and effects of climate change.

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Project proposal: Climate Change


For our project we are analyzing the causes and effects of climate change. Climate change is a popular topic of discussion in today’s politics as most believe it is an existential threat to life. We will review fossil fuel emissions, sea levels, population, GDP, progress or lack of progress year over year, and more. At the conclusion of the analysis, we expect to have a greater understanding for which countries are polluting the least/most, what metrics are the most detrimental, and exactly how much is at stake.

We will look for the correlation between carbon emissions and global temperature rising. Is anything else contributing to climate change that we need to be aware of? We will look for correlations between counties economies and global temperatures. We will look for what transportations have the greatest impact on climate change. Is there a correlation between political ideology and carbon emissions? We hope that in the processing of this data, we will be able to find additional correlations that we did not expect to see.


We will look at the effects climate change has had on the planet. How has climate change effected economies around the world? Are the largest economies always biggest the polluters?  How has climate change impacted wild life populations? We can look into deforestation, how much of the forest have we lost and what impact has that had?


Beyond looking for the cause of climate change, we will investigate some solutions. We will look at what countries have been most effective at fighting climate change. What methods of fighting climate change have been effective? How have new technologies impacted the impact on our environment. What motivates countries to lower their carbon emissions? What steps should we be taking to fight climate change?


Since the data has yet to be analyzed by our team, we are not sure what we will find. Overall, we are looking into what are the biggest contributors to climate change and what impact has climate change had. We will look into how we have begun to fight climate change and what effects has that had.




In this project, we will have the following roles. Each member of the team will be involved in these processes, we will continue to communicate and collaborate on each portion of the project. The member assigned to each role will be the leader of that role. Since we are all trying to learn data mining, we should all take part in each portion of this project. The leader will be in charge of delegating work to other members, collecting all of the results and submitting the assignment on time. Thus far, we have worked well together splitting up the work evenly and turning in quality assignments on time.  


- Data Preprocessing: Sief Daoud 

- Model Design and Development: Chris O’Neill

- Research Review: Patrick Kilduff

- Project Documentation: Chris O’Neill

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