For this assignment, provide 10 examples from popular media sources (TV shows, movies, songs, YouTube clips, etc.) that elucidate relationship concepts.



Online Discussion Board #7 and #8 content

This is based on Chapters 8 and 9. 

Select 1 of the first 3 questions. 

  1. For this assignment, provide 10 examples from popular media sources (TV shows, movies, songs, YouTube clips, etc.) that elucidate relationship concepts. For each example, a) explain the relationship concept in your own words, and b) describe why the example is appropriate based on specific concepts from Chapter 8 of the Aronson text. 
  2. Select one classic study, for instance that of Milgram or Zimbardo. They are available in the library website. Evaluate the study as to how the content and context would be different today. How would formatting, language, research protocols, results, and ethics differ?  
  3. For a little fun, explore the concept of “fake news” from a social psychological perspective, including factors from throughout the text which might enter into and be affected by such a phenomenon. Be sure to include relationship dynamics in your analysis. 

Then complete the following question. This one is required. 

  1. My ending film for this class is entitled Ragin Cajun. It is part of a series called the Mind Traveler, narrated by famous neurologist, recently deceased, Dr. Oliver Sacks. The topic is Usher’s syndrome, a disorder in which people are born deaf and then lose their sight. Please watch the entire film and then the brief sequel which traces Danny Delcombre’s current life and is a beautiful conclusion. As you watch, jot down social psychology principles that you noticed from throughout our book. Oliver Sacks: The Mind Traveller "The Ragin' Cajun"

The sequel is entitled Danny Delcambre in BBC Series Imagine 2011 and is found at

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