For this assignment, you will complete an assignment based on one episode from the Netflix ‘Rotten’ series (excluding The Peanut Problem and High on Edibles)



Sociology Project   

Sociology 111

Jen Wrye

Length: ~1750-2250 words

Deadline: March 16, 2020 in class (Feb 24 for feedback)   

Value – 30%


Option A


For this assignment, you will complete an assignment based on one episode from the Netflix ‘Rotten’ series (excluding The Peanut Problem and High on Edibles). Your assignment should demonstrate an understanding of key ideas and the ability to address those in terms of sociological concepts. To do this, you will use your sociological imagination to analyze how your commodity is produced, distributed & consumed in a global world to make clear how social forces & structures create these circumstances.


Since your work should be evidence-based, you will talk about the specifics of the episode, but also link that with other research sources. Your assignment should cite at least three outside scholarly sources in addition to using textbook material. You should make reference to specific points made in the movie, and when you do so, please identify the time where that clip is mentioned in brackets. For example, you might write something like this: One commentator points out in Cod is Dead that it’s unthinkable that humans have essentially all of the cod out of the sea within a century (3:42).  



In your assignment submission, use the following three subheadings [each explained below with a word count range]: (1) Description; (2) Analysis & Literature Review; (3) Lessons & Conclusion



In this section, you will summarize the problem outlined in the episode. What is the episode about? What are some of the main challenges being discussed? Why is this important…what’s at stake? You should try to be succinct, but provide sufficient detail to make the overview clear for the reader. Recommended word count: 400-500


Analysis & Literature Review


In this section, you will link the issues highlighted in the previous section with literature on the topic. Specifically, how do scholars help us to make sense of this problem? You want to use the sociological imagination to provide a bigger picture understanding of the world. You could consider such questions as: what contributed to these circumstances?; how does globalization offer opportunities & cause challenges; what are the underlying causes?; how have governments have acted to make these circumstances possible?; what are the impacts on our lives, including health, livelihoods, environment, communities;; etc.


You should reference at least three outside sources that explain the social systems shaping this phenomenon. Recommended word count: 1000-1250 words.


Lessons & Conclusion


In this section, you should identify one or two strategies you believe would be effective in addressing some of the negative aspects of this issue. You may reiterate examples discussed in the episode, but you must also refer to additional resources to discuss these further. Recommended word count: 300-500 words.


Assignment Considerations

Your assignment must be research- and evidence-based. You should write it in paragraphs using properly structured, full sentences. While the tone is formal, you’re invited to use the ‘first person, ‘I’’ in your writing.


You need to hand in a typed copy of the assignment. The work must be original and written by you. Don’t forget to reference ideas that you borrow from others as failing to do so is an academic offense. You should use in-text citations and include a separate section for the bibliography at the end using APA style. Copying and citing class material is not permitted; use the textbook instead to draw on course ideas.


Please ensure your assignment includes a title, your name, student number, my name, & the course name. 

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