Foreign Direct Investment



The essay is due at the end of week 8 (November 6). For this assignment, please select a financial

management topic of interest to you. Your topic idea may come from concepts discussed in the class, a

workplace interest, or another source of interest. For example, when I took this class, I wrote a paper

about how finances work in a heart transplant and mechanical circulatory assist program. This program

had unique influences due to federal regulations and hospital policy (e.g. not-for-profit hospital, insurance

coverage for transplant required, Medicare Cost Report for organs, use of rehabilitation facilities, etc.). So

please select a financial management topic of interest to you!

The paper should be 8 to 12 pages long using appropriate APA 6th edition format. You will find some

additional information in the "content" area under "session one" in a document titled "essay tips". I did not

write this document, so I would like to add two items.

1. Write the abstract last. The abstract should provide 1-2 sentences on each subheading in the paper

(e.g. intro/purpose, methods [if applicable], results, discussion/conclusion). Therefore, you need to write

the full paper before you know what the conclusions are. Do not leave the reader hanging to see what the

major conclusions are. This would be an incomplete abstract. An abstract should be brief (less than one


2. You are not required to have a separate methods section, since this is a review paper. But, if you

discuss a research article where an experiment was conducted, make sure you add some description of

the methods that were used in this source.

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