Franz Boas is considered the founder of American anthropology

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Watch the video and answer the questions,it is about the anthropology:

Franz Boas is considered the founder of American anthropology. One of the most influential anthropologists of the twentieth century, he also established the critical importance of firsthand fieldwork in social scientific research. This selection introduces us to his early years as a fledgling ethnographer.

Instructions: answers the questions below

1. One of Boas's key contributions to anthropology is the idea of cultural relativism, to see each culture on its own merits. Do you see any evidence of this perspective in the selection? What do you think may have inspired that perspective?
2. Fieldwork is often very personal, even if conducted in a context entirely foreign to one's experience. How do you think Boas's personal life influenced his ideas and his work as an anthropologist?
3. Boas is well-known for his four-field approach to anthropology. How do you think his background influenced that approach? How do you think it might impact how he conducted fieldwork?

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