Functionalist Conflict Interactionist



The paper should be a 1-2 page essay (double spaced)

Take a well-known figure (cartoon character, TV personality, or yourself if you want). Then

describe how each of these perspectives (Functionalist, Conflict, and Interactionist) might view

this person’s world view (what they believe, what they might think and how they behave). In

other words, how the individual’s socialization might have occurred; leading to the individual.

Functionalist Conflict Interactionist

View of


People are socialized to

perform societally


People are shaped by

power, coercion and


People manipulate symbols and

create their social worlds

through interaction



G I Joe (military action hero)

1. Functionalist: patriotism, understands peace comes from security and force (You would write


2. Conflict: military commercials, sensationalized news programs, and career incentives force

low-income individuals to think military service (You would write more).

3. Interactionist: conversations with generations of family and friends who have served

influences your decision-making (You would write more).

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