Fuzzy used in Image Processing

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Fuzzy used in Image Processing


I want to explore the topic of the Fuzzy used in Image Processing for my research paper, and I

will focus especially in edge detection. I have found from a brief research the fuzzy image

processing which is using in order to solve the disapproving of the image edge. In any images

does not show up at all, the edge may be corrupted by noise which caused the disappearance of

the images. A noisy edge can appropriately be detected with probabilistic approaches, computing

the likelihood of the noisy measurement to belong to the class of edges.

In order to determine the shape of an edge, we need to have a model which will show the roughly

the image. Then, the probabilistic approach allows us to extract the model parameters, which

represent edges in various shapes. The question is what if we don’t have this appropriate model?

Fuzzy logic does not need models. It can handle unclear information, imperfect knowledge and

combine it by discovering rules in a well-defined mathematical framework. This is the strength

of fuzzy logic!

The most important reason why one should investigate the potentials of fuzzy techniques for

image processing is that fuzzy logic provides us with a powerful mathematical framework for

representation and processing of expert knowledge

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