Working with Actors Other Than the State.  The post should be analytical in nature and explain your logic. Your answer should be 300-400 words long and be free from grammatical and proofreading errors. Please cite your sources using the reference list format within the Turabian style. Use as many resources as you wish but also use the ones attach


Good governance moved onto the agenda of many international organizations at the end of the Cold War when calls

for democracy and better government became louder and as expectations were heightened as to what international

organizations might do to further this aim. Many multilateral agencies--from the UN to multilateral development

banks--took up the summons. They are now part of a chorus of voices urging governments across the world to heed

higher standards of democratic representation, accountability, and transparency.

Much more slowly, multilateral organizations have begun to question what good governance means for the way in

which they themselves are structured and in which they make and implement decisions. They have been very slow to

set down a standard for themselves--and there is little precedent in the international system for doing so. To quote

former UN Secretary-General Boutros Boutros-Ghali: Democracy has not featured in the history of the international

system of states. Sovereignty, rather than democracy, has been its guiding principle.... [Today,] the democratization

of the international system can be seen as both necessary and possible."[sup1]

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