Hafiidz has contributed to RSW at both Tuas West Depot (TWD) and Bishan Depot (BSD).

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Hafiidz has contributed to RSW at both Tuas West Depot (TWD) and Bishan Depot (BSD).

While he was stationed at TWD, his primary roles are to:


A.       Lead the Corrective and Preventive Maintenance regime for Trains Electrical Components

-       AC Traction motor,

-       DC Current Collective Device,

-       DC High-Speed Breaker,

-       (Tachogenerator) Speed Sensor,

-       Earth Return Unit and Train Battery Unit.


B.       His achievement Milestones includes:


-       Assist in setting up Traction motor shop for TWD

-       Assist in Battery rectifier repair with Hitachi TWD

-       Study and implementation of the air ventilation system in battery room with LTA TWD



While he was stationed at BSD, his primary roles are to:

A.       Take care and oversee all (Testing and Commissioning trains.

B.       Coordinate and manage the operation and Maintenance (O&M), testing and Commissioning of Trains after the overhaul (Heavy Maintenance, NSEWL)

C.      Support the troubleshooting of Train Electrical and mechanical components

D.      Analyze Electrical Schematics and Technical Drawings.

E.       Verify the Train test track results by downloading Event Recorder logs.

F.       Investigate the root cause of technical problems associated with the overhaul and propose technical modifications.

G.      Identify areas of improvement from downloaded data


H.      His achievement Milestones includes:


-       Coordinated a new overhaul schedule.

-       Improve efficiency of the overhaul process.

-       Revamped the track 2 area to reduce downtime as part of KAIZEN.



Extra appointments


1.       2018 Appointed safety advocate by Director Luc Deportes

2.       Supply Chain coordinator


Hafiidz takes good care of his staff and is very familiar with them. He understands their limitation and coordinate the work accordingly to produce the require results.








Shia Jun Jie

Section Manager, RSW track Team (BSD)

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