Why do you think the Challenge Studio Program is the right program for you? Why do you desire/require something different from the regular school program?

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Challenge Studio Program Application Form 2020-2021




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Please answer the following questions on this fillable PDF. Attach it to your Grade 8 Enrolment Form. Please bear in mind that your responses to these questions will be used, in conjunction with other data, to short list applicants.

1.             Why do you think the Challenge Studio Program is the right program for you? Why do you desire/require something different from the regular school program?

The school from my perspective, the school is open and gives kids from the mini school program a chance to attend a real high school while being in a mini school community. It also gives the chance to study more at a faster pace and gives a more challenging atmosphere as well as an extended family. school also shows a level of fun as well as out trips to enhance the learning environment instead of being in the classroom.  I also feel that the school would help me open the world for me, introduce me to new things, better understandings of the environment which I know will help me in the future.




2.             Tell us about yourself.  What should we know/consider when making our decisions?


I want to increase my knowledge and education learning faster and deeper in each subject so I can have a chance to take other classes/electives in a field that I can both have interest in and help me later on in my career. I also want to learn at a level which I like which is learning at a faster speed because some of the subjects Math and Science which sometimes can end up being long lessons and I end up with knowing almost all the things taught. That’s why I want to be apart of the Hamber Challenge Studio meaning I learn better, know better, and have a chance to shape my learning to the way that I feel is right for me.



3.             Tell us about your learning style.  What works for you?


My education traits consist of problem-solving problems using visuals. I consistently enjoy learning deeper into the questions that I have been taught in class. I have also realized that this enriched my learning. When I was in grade 6 my teacher appointed me to do the grade 8 math quizzes. Thus I am always open to being challenged with new tasks.



Birth Date:                                                 

Elementary School:                                                 



4.             Tell us about one or two things that you are passionate about.


One thing that I am passionate about is finance and aviation. One day I can start an airline that can change the world's view of aviation. My plans are instead of the regular only to fly and from the airport, my airplanes registration is assigned to I want to start one that would fly worldwide and not based out of one country. Doing so I want to give cheap flights and help build better airports for countries that don’t have the money to be able to improve their airports and airline services. Doing this I want to offer the people of these countries to be more open to the outside world because this is not always possible for countries like Burundi, a very poor country in Africa. And my financing side I want to branch out with more airlines to show that the world should be more connected and not hate on each other like some airlines are like enemies forcing one another to lose the aviation market.



5.             Tell us about something magnificent that you have done.


One thing that I was able to fully publish a book when I was in  6th grade independently; with the publisher KDP Publishing. My book is available through Amazon, Google Books, or the Kidsbook online store is called The World keepers And the Battle Against Technology World. I am now also writing my second book of The World Keepers called The Unbeatable AI. I’ve also lead a group of 26 kids to write and publish a book called KIDS POWER ACADEMY Superhero Assembly. In the book, I was the chief editor and main author. Now, I am the chairperson in the Kids Power Society. I started Kids Power Society because I think that every kid's thoughts should be shared and because they are the next generation. This means what some adults have said might only be forgotten. So that’s why I think kids' voices should be heard. Our book has been published in September ever since we started in early July. Now we have teamed with BC Children’s Hospital donating one book for each book that we sell and upon donating we want to tell the kids at the hospital to never give up hope. We have now been interviewed with Richmond News, Vancouverisawesome as well as supported by RBC. Independent groups such as Vancouver mayor, Kennedy Stewart, and city councillor, Pete Fry, have also contributed to support our society.


6.             What are your educational goals?


My educational goals are to stop doing all the work in a project and letting my group members do some of the work. When I’m in a group we would get together and I would do EVERYTHING including the posters to typing and making the presentation. I also want to be better at my writing as the last time I checked online my writing level reached Grade 8. So my goal is to reach at least a Grade 10 level of writing by the end of term 2.


7.             What is one thing that you would like to change about the world? Why? 


The thing that bugs me the most in recent years is when humans waste our resources. I am okay when a person spills some coffee, but when it's a situation of a person leaving behind half a bowl of ramen that's just wasting. Us humans living in urban societies are getting technology wherever we go and because of this, it has caused a very serious global warming issue. And this is the thing I really want to solve to help society, become a better nation, a place more suitable for mankind.

In the world, more than 1 billion people in the world drive meaning that each day more than 2 billion commutes are taken. Then there is burning fossil fuel 15.1 trillion pounds of Co2 is released a year. About 95% of the air we breathe is polluted meaning the air we breathe? Who knows where they come from.

IN the past few years human lifespan has grown. But, it is very unsteady and poor countries, those affected most by the pollution have a lifespan of only sixty years. Why is this so important in our human industry and our future generations? The environment will not adjust by itself, all those trees killed and the Co2 we put into our air is killing the planet. Even though we don’t feel is that bad gradually the earth will die out and that will be all caused by the human population. This just goes to show that civilization really doesn’t care about our planet and treats the economy as the more important. To be honest China the most polluted country, the best at economic has the most eco-friendly airline WestAir.cn the environment because the world is ours and it is for us to protect it in our own capabilities. Protecting the world can save lives PROTECT SAVE SUPPORT.



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