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2300 Cumberland Gap Drive, Fayetteville NC 28306 , or

Phone 910-364-6150

OBJECTIVE: Attain and maintain a challenging position as a Logistician that will

utilize and best suite my previous Military and civilian experience.

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: Seven years of solid supervisory and leadership skills in the US military. I

have flourished within a numerous multi-billion dollar, National and International settings. That involved

Chemical detection equipment Chemical Protective Equipment. I completed nearly 3 years while working

in Iraq with the 3 separate contract firms. While there I enhanced my civilian/military knowledge for

receiving and issuing parts along with maintaining work orders and warehouse management shipment

towards the procurement of goods and items needed to complete any logistical demand placed on me. I am

determined to make the best to any situation to which will always end towards the best end result.

SKILLS ATTAINED: BA in business Devry University Property Book Management; Shipping within and

thru out the Middle Eastern region; Warehouse Management, Procurement of Materials / Parts. Maintain

work order database, Administrative, and Logistics support. I have been accustomed to working in fast

passed, ever-changing environment while providing training and supervision to both civilian and military

personnel. I am a self-motivated team player who is dedicated to exemplary work performance and

commitment to adhere to what is demanded of me whether tedious or strenuous.

Current employment Status 1 August 2016- Current:

Operations manager

Dealing with on-hand supply; reorder, procurement, payroll quality control. Manager for all daily

operations from menu selection to food quality control. With my experiences form school and other

occupations, I was able to turn the business around for eight thousand net profits to 20K profits in 2 months. Phone number -(845) 243-7432

Regional shipping and distribution manager; 1 August 2014 – November 2014

POC: Josef Hnizdill - & Kvetoslavs Javorkova

I am employed with, a newly formed shipping and transportation company. I am in charge of

tracking shipping and sorting distributed packages for customers. I correspond with leadership to complete

these tasks in a timely manner. Using FedEx and USPS

While attending Devry University online, choose school over job. There was a issue with payment.

Camp Marez, Mosul Iraq: SR. Northern Regional Logistical Coordinator

Man-tech Industries May 2006 – Jan 2007 ; Iraq Theater Project lead Man-tech Industries ; Vice president Man-tech Industries

I worked on the Route Clearance / A.O.A “Add on Armor” program consisting of the latest

upgrades in personnel vehicle up-armor defense. These vehicles are still classified. I managed site regional

ASL’s with 3000 lines in excess. I tracked everything from wrenches to airplanes to unit convoys using

TCMD’s, RF Tags, TMR requisition number unit UIC to track movement through the Country. Inspected

supplies ordered, for accuracy and compliance with established procedures. I have evaluated inventory

management activities. I have documented special cancellation requests. I prepared and maintained

records on equipment usage, for organizational and operational maintenance modifications and

calibration. Initiated and maintained automated maintenance control records. I recorded equipments

readiness codes for maintenance reports. Received, stored, exchanged, and issued repair parts

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