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Part b:  Submit an update on the progress you are making on your Health Promotion Program Proposal. Topics for discussion include methods used to assess the health needs of your chosen community, how program stakeholders were identified, collaboration strategies you propose, and program goals and objectives.
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FYI :below is the part A question, you a to do a follow up response: 
Consider an HIV prevention program being proposed by a professor at a local university. The program is being funded by a national HIV/AIDS service organization. The professor has also identified the following stakeholders: two community organizations active in HIV prevention, the local health department, and various community members.
Give an assessment of whether or not you expect the identified stakeholders will have difficulty setting program goals, and explain why.
Identify additional stakeholders that should be involved in the planning process and explain why you chose them.
Describe the collaboration strategies you would use to avoid turf struggles and ensure that all stakeholders have a sense of ownership over the program. Explain why these strategies would work.

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