How do you know the sources are credible?



Selected Topic: Traffic issues in Charleston

(Include specific area of traffic in Charleston) For example, you could look at the current discussion around the expansion of Highway 41 in Mount Pleasant, the argument for/against widening the road to Kiawah Island, the lengthening of 526, the need for additional traffic measures in Summerville, etc.

After you've settled on a topic for the quarter-long project, find a credible source that agrees with your perspective on the topic (your argument) and a credible source that disagrees with your perspective on the topic (i.e. a counterargument).

In your initial response of 300 words, share both of your sources and answer all of the following:

1) How do you know the sources are credible?

2) What did you find helpful about each of these sources?

3) How did each attempt to prove that side of the argument?

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