How should Bob segment his market in terms of the final consumer of Pierogi’s?



After reading the case, how should Bob segment his market in terms of the final consumer of Pierogi’s? How will this segmentation help him in determining the approach to use within the retail environment (frozen, fresh or both)? Be specific in your answer. Make sure to include the specific segmentation variables and state why you are using them. Then, describe the current brand management position/stage Bob is facing with his product? Why is this important for him to assess and understand? Even within the grocery retail industry, brand relationship, customer satisfaction, customer value and product differentiation are important attributes to maintain. For a long-term strategy, it is important for Bob to establish all four of these components with his business. Explain how Bob would use marketing research to assist in developing a strong customer focus and customer relationship focus for his firm. In your discussion describe each of the four previously identified components and how these will contribute to the customer lifetime value aspect of his business.

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