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I. You are to find an article that is fairly recent (last 18 months) from a journal or technical

magazine or newspaper that concerns the series z (IBM mainframe). First you should

explain the content of the article in YOUR OWN WORDS. In your own words means

that not even one sentence can be copied from the article. Not even phrases from the

article can be used. If you want to quote it, it must be in quotes. Failure to write your own

words will result in a very poor grade, perhaps a zero.

Your paper should be at least2500 wordslong. You MUST send me the original article as an

attachment which is not compressed and can be read as a WORD document.You should email

the paper also as a WORD document. The original article must not be a link but the actual

document. Thus, you MUST send me two WORD documents: your paper and the original


You must choose a substantial article. It must have something new to say or it can report on an

actual case in industry, government or university. It cannot be from a textbook or tutorial. It must

be something that was considered newsworthy. The article must have been published in the last

18 months.

You will also be graded on the quality of the article which should be at least 2000 words long

without charts, photographs or other images.

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