In the Assessment Dropbox, you will see an area for “Assessment 2 Lab Dropbox”. You need to submit your zip file, containing all required files, into the Dropbox for marking.

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How to Submit

In the Assessment Dropbox, you will see an area for “Assessment 2 Lab Dropbox”. You need to submit your zip file, containing all required files, into the Dropbox for marking.

Files to submit:

One (1) zip file containing:

  • Two HTML files
  • One image file
  • One CSS file
  • Filled in, “signed” assignment cover sheet. This must be filled in and “signed” by both members of the pair.

Download the Group assignment cover sheet from Dropbox.

If you have read and agreed with the details about plagiarism on the cover sheet, fill in the group assignment cover sheet. Where it states “NAME:”, “SIGNED:” and “DATED:”, simply type your full name in both the “NAME:” and “SIGNED:” fields and enter the date in the “DATED:” field. Both students need to type their name and the date into the cover sheet.

Submit the zip file from the account of only one member of the pair. There is no need to submit the files from both members’ accounts as the assignment cover sheet specifies the members of the pair!

When you are about to submit your pair’s zip file, re-check the contents of the zip file to verify you have correctly submitted the required files.

Note that the zip file containing the HTML and CSS files and cover sheet must be submitted to the Assessment Dropbox in VU Collaborate within 1.5 hours of the start of the task, otherwise no marks will be awarded to this task.

Your task

You will create two webpages; one webpage gives advice about résumés and the other webpage gives an example of a person’s résumé (curriculum vitae). You will use HTML and CSS in your solution. All styling for both pages must be carried out in the external style sheet only (there is no inline or embedded styling, unless specify asked for in the following instructions).

Follow the instructions in this lab guide to create the two webpages. In the Dropbox, there is an image and a text file containing content which you may use to cut and paste into your solutions, should you wish to save time.

Read through the instructions before commencing coding. Ensure you that your files validate and display a consistent coding style and comments.

The marking for this assessment is as follows.

Item for Marking


Number of marks

“Advice on applying for a job” webpage

Suitable organization, content and links


“Example of a resume” webpage

Suitable organization, content, image, lists and links



Headings, text formatting and bolding


Coding style, indentation, comments








“Advice on applying for a job” webpage

Within the header region of the page, display a relevant heading for the webpage as a level 1, centred, heading in Arial font. To centre the heading, create an external style sheet to set all level 1 headings to be centred and to set all level 1 headings with an RGB value of (0, 0, 255) and in Arial font, with sans-serif as a fallback value.


Following this heading, most of the content will be placed in the main region of the page. Create the main and an article within the main. Commences the article with a level 2 heading for “Resumes” in black in Calibri font, with sans-serif as a fallback value. Follow this heading with the following text in a paragraph. “Visit the Victoria University Learning Hub…step by step.” Insert hyperlink to Victoria University Learning Hub at an appropriate place in the text.


Create a section within the article with a level 2 heading for “Cover letters”, followed by a paragraph of information on Cover letters.


Before closing the main, create your own additional text relating to the “Example of a resume” webpage, and add a relative link to this webpage. 

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