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Question 1 of 32 3.0 Points A series of memos written in 1962 by Licklider (MIT) referred to linked computers for sharing information and social interaction known as: A.Hypertext B.Browsers C.URLs D.Galactic Network Question 2 of 32 3.0 Points Which of the following set of issues should be examined in order to determine what form of business is right for a planned venture?

 A.Sole Proprietorship, Partnership, Corporation or Limited Liability Company B.Ownership, Liability, Taxes, and Financing C.Limited Partners, Silent Partners, Dormant Partners, or Nominal Partners D.Structure, Duties, Profits, Conflicts and Crises, and Dissolution Question 3 of 32 5.0 Points IMHO eComm will continue to grow because it is relatively "frictionlesss" when compared to offline business processes. In a few short paragraphs discuss what might be meant by "frictionless" (BTW - put on your thinking caps, this one won't be found in the text). Question 4 of 32 3.0 Points Primarily internal, a written statement of ethical guidelines that everyone in the business will follow is called a: A.Code of conduct B.Statement of Community Involvement 

 C.Product Safety Pledge D.Fair Business Practice Question 5 of 32 3.0 Points A niche market is: A.An intense widespread and short-lived enthusiasm for a product or activity B.A small specialized part that is not effective for larger companies to serve C.A fast-in, fast-out approach to capitalizing on fads D.A widely popular product, carried by most purveyors Question 6 of 32 3.0 Points SWOT is a popular method for determining the pros and cons of a business idea. What purpose is it used for? A.Product development and/or the more thorough investigation of a business idea B.The painstaking and detailed analysis of the financial aspects of the concept C.Dissecting the aspects of an idea over which the operation has control D.Discovering aspects of an idea over which the operation has no control Question 7 of 32 3.0 Points Once cash has been obtained for the new e-business, the second step to bootstrapping it to: A.Find a mentor B.Conserve Cash C.Maintain control of ownership D.Assemble a team Question 8 of 32 3.0 Points Maintaining control of ownership, quick decision making, minimizing risk and maintaining cash- is- king mindset, are all: A.Advantages of Bootstrapping B.Techniques for keeping costs low C.Elements of Venture Capitalization D.Risk Management Question 9 of 32 3.0 Points Putting the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) in the help section, making sure it is accessible, represents which tool used to automate the marketing process? A. Autoresponders B.Ticklers C.Archived information D.Press releases Question 10 of 32 3.0 Points In order to be contained on the prominent first page of a search engine where is the most effective place to put an important keyword? A.Spamming it in the same color as the page background B.The URL of the site, though this is not always feasible C.Within the spider search range 

 D.Embedded in the sites hyperlinks Question 11 of 32 3.0 Points Providing detailed product description and photographs satisfies the: A.Customer need for flexibility B.Customer needs to feel part of a community C.Customer demand for information D.Customer demand for real time support Question 12 of 32 3.0 Points Autoresponders are valued because: A.They let customers know their email has been received and information is forthcoming B.Of the personal touch they add to email correspondence C.They bring the excitement of receiving printed mail to e-business shopping D.Though labor intensive, they provide individual responses Question 13 of 32 3.0 Points Which of the following statements accurately represents cultural considerations when an e-business includes international customers? A.Language is the only difference to be addressed by politically correct operators B.Phone and email communication can bridge the gap effectively C.Different tastes in site presentation may include color and interactivity. Research is required. D.Site content need simply to be translated and multilingual phone operators hired Question 14 of 32 3.0 Points A high-speed Internet connection using a normal phone line and a digital modem is called: A.Bandwidth B.Dialup C.DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines) D.ISP Question 15 of 32 5.0 Points List the Top Ten concepts you will take away from Weeks 5-8 (please use short headlines, i.e. bullets). Question 16 of 32 3.0 Points If an e-business wants a domain name that is already taken, what advantage is there in making an offer for the name through a registrar? A.It is a great way to find out quickly whether an owner is willing to give the name up

 B.It avoids a service fee C.It puts the e-business owner on the official waiting list for the name D.It puts the e-business owner in an auction where they have the option to be high bidder Question 17 of 32 3.0 Points The series of buttons or links that visitors use to visit different areas of a site is referred to as the: A.Structural icons B.Tab control box C.Navigational toolbar D.Site Cursors Question 18 of 32 3.0 Points A type of virus that replicates itself and spreads to other computers through a shared network A.Malware B.Worm C.Trojan D.Adware Question 19 of 32 3.0 Points What is the reason for collecting and analyzing Web site traffic and usage data? A.To sell it to complementary businesses B.To create a data base of information C.To put the information to work improving business D.To possess and understanding of what does not seem to be working Question 20 of 32 3.0 Points The result of adding the value of inventory at the beginning of a period to the value of inventory purchases or shipping costs less the final value of inventory is: A.Cost of goods sold B.Income C.Operating expenses D.Gross sales Question 21 of 32 3.0 Points Many online users despise pop up ads and might be unwilling to visit a Web site employing them. A. True B. False Question 22 of 32 3.0 Points Search engines rise and fall in popularity so e-businesses should be alert for flourishing search programs and get listed on them as quickly as possible. True or False? A. True B. False Question 23 of 32 3.0 Points Online communications are much more expensive than printed materials and more difficult to update. A. True B. False Question 24 of 32 3.0 Points A diagram showing the pages needed by a Web page as well as the relationship of those pages to one another is referred to as a site map. A. True B. False Question 25 of 32 3.0 Points One way to avoid charge-backs is to not process any charges until a product ships A. True B. False Question 26 of 32 3.0 Points Using uncommon passwords and changing passwords frequently are additional measures e-businesses can use to ensure the Web sites are hacker proof. A. True B. False Question 27 of 32 3.0 Points Adware is software with integrated advertising functions bundled with a software package A. 

True B. False Question 28 of 32 3.0 Points The "exit-page log" is an essential tool for identifying the problems in a Web site so they can be corrected. A. True B. False Question 29 of 32 3.0 Points Cable Internet is typically faster than DSL (Digital Subscriber Lines), however cable pricing tends to be somewhat higher A. True B. False Question 30 of 32 3.0 Points Even a relatively minor change to a Web site can affect all other processes on the site A. True B. False Question 31 of 32 3.0 Points The two tags that should be included on every page are the keywords and description. A. True B. False Question 32 of 32 3.0 Points Online communications are much more expensive than printed materials and more difficult to update. A. True B. False

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