only original work accepted, i.e. no macro recordings accepted

computer science


Test 1: only original work accepted, i.e. no macro recordings accepted 

1. Create a macro that adds the even numbers between 

2 and 76 2. Create a function that finds the standard deviaton of three user defined inputs and prints it to the immediate window 

3. Create a sub that fills in the range a1:b2 with the word "January" and then copies "January" to a range called NewRange (which is d1:e2) 

4. Create a sub that asks for the user's salary and then returns how much tax they should pay.

5. Write a code offering the user 10% discount if order is <10, 20% discount if order is 10 to 20 and 30% discount if order is 20 or greater. Do this both as an IF and SELECT/CASE statement. 

6. The Function ReverseText, (in the macro called Reverse_Text), doesn't work properly, fix it so it does. 

7. Write a procedure that clears the contents of cells f3, g5, and h8 of sheet2,

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