Using one or more of the databases for your field of study or planned line of work

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Using one or more of the databases for your field of study or planned line of work, search for peer-reviewed journal articles about the communication theory or by the name of the person you selected to see if communication research on that theory has been applied to your area. You may also want to limit the search by using other keywords for your specific area of study or career interest. Report the subject area. Report the database(s) used for your search. Report the key-words you used in your searches. Write an introductory paragraph (~250-300 words) describing the reasons you chose that theory or researcher in the context of the following question: How can an understanding of Communication Theory supplement your skills and the insights you will need to succeed in your future work? Select three articles from the databases in your field of study or career interest that support your thesis in response to the question posed in Step 9.

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