Information systems types



Assignment 1

There are two Assignments due this unit.

This Assignment is part two of a three part Assignment (2 of 3) that will be finally submitted in Unit 4.

You are expected to submit your work for comment and grading each week. Then make corrections

as necessary for your final Unit 4 submission.


You have been hired as an IT consultant for a small (approximately 30 employees) accounting firm.

The company already has a server and is using Windows Server 2016. Continuing with an

appropriate report format that includes a cover page and references, please write a report that

advises on the following: (You should use headers to separate the sections)

Describe information systems and the benefit they provide to businesses.

Recommend three information system types (you do not have to include brands). These can be from

your reading or outside research. Explain the information system and what it does. Describe the

benefits that it will provide to this (accounting) business.

Explain best practices the company should consider to ensure data remains safe.

This section of your paper should be 550–700 words.

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