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Here is a template to use to assist you in developing your Informed Consent Form from the University of Michigan and found at Scroll down to Informed Consent Templates and pick the first one: Informed Consent Form – General Research.

Use this template to complete your informed consent! You can type on the informed consent.

Your Informed Consent Form should be in plain language and have the following headings:

  •   Consent
  •  Invitation to Participate
  •  Description of Involvement
  •  Benefits
  •  Risks and Discomforts
  •  Compensation – list none if there is none
  •  Confidentiality (or Privacy if no records kept)
  •  Storage and Future Use of Data
  •  Voluntary Nature of the Study
  •  Contact Information Questions about Rights as a Research Participants
  •  Consent with Signatures and Date

If you have any questions, please contact me again.

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