Request Proposal Analysis Assignment

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Part 1: Proposal Analysis Assignment

This assignment can be deployed for use by both individuals and teams.

You are asked to identify a product or service that you are interested in developing or seeing

developed. It could be any activity in which you may be asked to find a qualified resource to

provide a product or service to an organization. Or you could view yourself as a consultant helping

to develop a client RFP.

Your charge is to identify, use, and learn from some existing sources by going to the sites listed

below to find a procurement document you can use to model the information required in developing

a procurement request.

You may be required to register. Instructions are located at the site within the documentation.

Once at the website, you will enter your search criteria for the state and type field for a solicitation.

Search for opportunities within a recent 90-day period and select any opportunity of interest to you.

Include the solicitation number, requestor's name, RFP type, product or service being requested,

and contract award date.

Analyze the selected formal written proposal for structure, content, and unique requirements

specific to the product or service being requested. Review the delivery methods, legal requirements,

and other relevant points for consideration to be included as appropriate to the RFP.

Your written analysis must have a minimum of 12 pages but must not exceed 15 pages in length,

and should include the items below.

Write a one-page summary of the bid. This is usually taken from the instructions to bidders from

the requestor or the instructions to bidders or in the scope and description of work.

Your analysis will need to include an assessment of what is needed and perhaps why it is needed.

This section will be 3–5 pages.

Include a description of your management plan for the overall project (hint: apply PM concepts)

(2–3 pages).

Include an RFP resource team assessment: who's on the team you analyzing, what their roles

are, and so on.

You also need to include your team bios for the key staff members. Indicate each team member's

past experience, skills, and education relevant to the bid preparation (one page) for each team

member. Each team member must also include a one-page description of the work that the team

member is responsible to perform in the creation of the RFP.

The format of your entire proposal must use standard margins with 12-point font and must include

any required attachments or appendices.

Below is a suggested outline (include the following as a minimum).

Cover page

Cover letter

Background statement

Scope of work

Resume(s) summarized as bios (skills, education, and experience summary)

Project Manager/owner (your bio modified to fit the project)

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