Langston Hughes: Mother to Son



Although, Shakur's poem “_________” depicts ___________ however Adolph's poem proves more effective/realistic because of ______________________ . The essay compares Shakur and Adolph's centering on ______________ by showing __________ which illustrates _______________. Finish writing garbage....In other words, students should write a sloppy draft, free write, brainstorm, webbing, 10-on-1 main ideas, or T-charts to list out all the ideas for this essay. Highlight the main ideas from garbage draft – Here, students should highlight only strong ideas they plan on using for the paper. In addition, I would have all quotes (supporting and counterargument) highlighted from the online scholarly journals Organize the ideas and create a roadmap...Here, students should organize their main ideas into a logical order. Placing the strongest ideas at the beginning of the essay. Perhaps, students can utilize the P-I-E system, Essay Model Structures, PQAT, or a regular outline (found in your textbook) to organize the ideas. Put some meat on the bones...If the main ideas function as the skeleton or bare bones of your argument....You should find quotes that will act as the muscle to carry these ideas....Use quotes and analysis to support your arguments. Unleash your inner hater....Here, students should proofread their paper. Read the paper aloud (more than once). Check to make sure ideas are clear and concise. Check for run-on sentences, fragments, misspelled words, contractions, etc. Read, Read, Pass...Reread your essay and pass it to your peers/writing lab tutor/Mr. Adolph during office hours (etc).

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