leadership or management



As you grow into a leadership or management

position, you are not only responsible for your

behavior, but also the behavior of your team

members. It is especially important that you and

your team are exposed to the idea of failure and

how it relates directly to leadership. 

Many people avoid situations in which they might

fail. Other individuals fear failure so much they

will not take a risk or have an opinion other than

what the group wants. There is an old adage that

says, “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” 

Select a leader in business, sports, management,

or government and plan a short 20-minute

interview. The interview may be over the phone or

in person.

Suggested interview questions: 

  •  What can be learned by failing?
  •  You seem pretty confident and successful. Have

you ever exposed your team to the idea of failure

to prepare them for consequences if the wrong

choices are made? 

  •  What can be learned by failing?
  •  In what ways does failure affect success? 
  •  What do you think is the value of failure?
  •  How can having a failure change the way you

make decisions or do business in the future?


 Some leaders seem to always make the right

decisions and therefore experience a lot of

success. How can too much success interfere

with creativity?

What if we could design a controlled failure

system for work that could tap creativity without

causing fear or stress? 

 (1)  Before students engage in an interview

assignment, they must adhere to these

Guidelines for Interview Assignments at Strayer


(a)   The purpose of the assignment is to train

students in interview / research methods, not

to develop or contribute to research that can

be applied to situations beyond that studied

or that is created to share with others beyond

the local setting.

(b)   No publication of projects containing the

results of or information from the interviews is

allowed, including publication in social media,

blogs or the Internet generally. The interview

findings may only be shared in the class.

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