Legal Issues in Information Security and Incident Response DB Unit 2 (ITAS665 -1604C -01)

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Legal Issues in Information Security and Incident Response DB Unit 2 (ITAS665 -1604C -01) Please provide information that has been certified as not similar to anything else on the internet or schools. I will not accept anything above 20% similarity according to my school verification. Often criminals hide data. Your role as a forensic investigator is to find that data. The news media often publicizes cybercrime activities. Discuss one of the cyber crimes you have heard about, explaining the crime along with how it was discovered and investigated? What was the outcome?

 If the investigation is ongoing, based on the current information, what do you expect the outcome will be? Explain why. Identify areas where data can be hidden on a computer? Identify areas where data can be found on a network? What ways can you access hidden and network information? What programs can you use to assist you in finding evidence during an investigation? What are some free or open source programs available to digital investigators? What are the benefits of these tools?

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