Logistic Execution and Supply Chain Planning & Responsiveness



Logistics Execution and Supply Chain Planning & Responsiveness

The global business community is growing at a high rate demanding proper measures to

ensure that every organization provides high-quality goods and services on time. Firms of

different sizes and operations face particular challenges in their daily activities. It requires

adequate planning, controlling, proper management practices and storage mechanisms to remain

relevant in the market and deal with any logistical issues that may arise.

Logistical challenges originate from the initial stage of raw materials suppliers to the

final stage where the customers receive the product or service. If a business overlooks any issue

in the whole process, it could be disastrous. The management ought to put measures in place that

deal with the logistical problems arising. Global logistics is also becoming common among large

firms which extend their operations to other nations and states.

A company desiring to spread its operations beyond the current location should consider

issues such as delivery time, quality of product, adaptation of global logistic plans among other

matters. Coordination and collaboration among all the firm's departments are necessary to curb

the issues which may arise during the operations. In developing nations, enterprises face a crucial

decision to deal with the lack of infrastructure, economies instability, shifting politics, limited

technological growth and lack of proper management skills.

Managers have to come up with strategic measures which deal with all these challenges.

The transition from local to global operations also has a considerable impact on the entire

functioning of the organization. No business can operate smoothly without logistical difficulties

and therefore strategies to streamline the operations must fall into place.

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