Managing Quality in Manufacturing Operations



The purpose of the course project is to demonstrate competency in Quality Systems Planning. In this course we explore several critical aspects essential to developing a robust Quality Management System. These are:

Managing Quality in Manufacturing Operations

Project Description

The course project consist of choosing one aspects above and developing a research paper that presents best practices within your chosen area. After choosing your topic you must conduct research that supports the topic by locating 5 sources that describe your topic and how to best implement and/or execute this aspect of a Quality System. The final aspect of the project is to synthesize the information from the 5 sources into a single, overall model for your chosen area.

choose “Managing Quality in Manufacturing Operations” you will locate at least 5 sources that describe the strategic planning process. From each of these sources, you will then summarize the main themes and from these themes you will then develop/synthesize your own model (but based on the research) on how to best conduct strategic planning.

Formatting Requirements

Use APA 6th ed. for citing sources and in-text citations. APA references will be a part of the final grade.

Use an APA 6th ed. title page and table of contents

The length expectation is approximately 5 - 7 pages, double spaced with 12 pt. font. Ancillary pages (title, TOC, references, etc.) do not count towards the page length.

Grammar and writing mechanics must be at a graduate level. Your grade will be reduced accordingly for poor grammar and writing mechanics.

Note: This will be submitted using "Turn it" and the submission interface in Canvas has changed. Please don’t plagiarize from internet.

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