Project Management Office Recommendation



Write a recommendation for implementing a PMO that is supported by PMO best practices and standards. When writing the implementation recommendation, assume the role of a highly regarded, project management professional commissioned to review, analyze, and develop the necessary requirements for the implementation of a successful project management office. Your implementation recommendation should address the following key elements:

PMO Mission and Vision:  PMO mission and vision statement Alignment with organization mission and vision PMO stakeholders

PMO Charter:  Business purpose Business alignment and affiliation Empowerment authorityFiscal managementCharter approval 

PMO Recommendation:  PMO type  PMO structure  PMO culture  PMO staffing  PMO project methods  PMO project tools PMO governance  PMO risk management PMO business integration

Other relevant PMO considerations 

Your essay should meet the following requirements: Your properly- and well-written PMO implementation recommendation paper should be 7 pages in length.  Format your paper per the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA.  Include a title and a reference page.  Cite at least three current scholarly resources, available from the CSU-Global library, to support your assertions.

*This is the part 2 version - please include a conclusion - I uploaded part 1 version so you can use the same company and align the values according

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