Air New Zealand is a world-class banner bearer aircraft situated in Auckland with 52% of its offers claimed by the New Zealand government.



Task 2: Introduction

 Air New Zealand is a world-class banner bearer aircraft situated in Auckland with 52% of its offers claimed by the New Zealand government. The organization began as Tasman Realm Aircrafts in 1940 and gained by the New Zealand Government in 1965(Parker, 2017).


Air New Zealand’s products and services include a total of the fleet owned is 115. The average life of these aircraft is 7.3years (Operating fleet, 2019). Their services are highly successful due to their advanced technology. Some of these services includes, the use of Air New Zealand application, convenience of electronic departure cards, electronic bag tags, biometric scanners as self-check-in for luggage drop-offs, On the Auckland international airport, air new Zealand have their very advance technology check-in, where we don’t need to wait for any crew members, Just need to scan our passport in the machine then machines will auto print our boarding passes. It saves  time for both customers and employees. As we see on every airport people are always waiting on the check-in  lines, but with the air new zealnds new technology upgrade leades to the solution of these problems.


On a weekly base, they have more than three thousand to four thousand flights which fly out both international and domestic (Company profile, 2019).

Air New Zealand also has twelve thousand five hundred employees established globally (Diversity & inclusion, 2019) providing services to all nationwide customers.



Task 3: The significance and analysis of this challenge for Air New Zealand’s future


According to Flouris and Yilmaz (2011), the most efficient way of conducting business in the past may not be as effective for the present or the future. Investors checks not only the financials of the company, but they also check the sustainability of the company. The employees have to under both the environment and within the organisation. Stability checks are very important factors as both effect the organisation. The organisation has to main environmental sustainability to make sure that the challenge is not effecting the environment and sustainability within the organisation means assessing the factors of organisational profit and loss statement.  As the current standing of the company in the sustainability department heavily affects the future of the company. Which is the reason, it is important to operation and production of the aircrafts., specifically Air New Zealand should choose to implement strategic innovation to expand into domestic routes of not only New Zealand but for Australia as well (Mitchell, 2019).  In order for Air New Zealand to maintain their loyal customers as well to gain new customers and maintain profitability, the company has to change internal operations towards correcting the urgency of expanding their company onto new destinations. It is important for Air New Zealand to get ahead of competition from their direct competitors mainly, Qantas. Qantas is a direct competitor of Air New Zealand. The new #HashtagChallenge is a significant innovation which will once and for all help Air New Zealand to get ahead of the competition. Air New Zealand has to start getting recognised and establish a customer base larger than Qantas, the implementation of this innovation will help Air New Zealand tremendously. This innovation is the first step which will help Air New Zealand leave Qantas behind as their competitors. Everyone is using internet in these days. Internet is the best way of advertising. When a customer upload their picture it goes to many people via social media, with the help of this the company will be more famous.

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