The information systems.



Topic or theme: How do information systems benefit the sales in the auto finance industry?

Proposed research question: What are the benefits of using information systems to support business


Emphasis/detail: Discuss the pros and cons of information systems in the auto industry

(Where are you going)

Research Paper

The research paper will be based upon an issue or topic of relevance to the course. Research paper

topics must be submitted within the first three (3) weeks for approval. Type all papers, 12 pitch Times

New Roman font , double-spaced, with one inch margins. The research papers will include page headers

that indicate the short title of the work and the page number. Cite all references in accordance with the

APA 6.0 manual. The body of Research papers (less title page, table of contents, abstract, graphics,

figures, tables, and reference list) should be at least 10 pages in length. The Research Paper must be

submitted to Final Paper folder for grading. Each student will be required to write a

research paper on a topic pertinent to the class. Later in the syllabus are examples of topics that can be

used, but you are not limited to those choices as long as your topic pertains to Information Systems.

Samples of the APA format can be found in the Links section in our Blackboard course site.

- Research – Students must list a minimum of 5 research sources in their reference list in APA

format (3 of which must be from scholarly peer reviewed journals), excluding the Course Textbook and

Wikipedia – 10% reduction for not meeting the minimum.

- Overall paper must be in APA 6.0 format with abstract, running head, 12 pitch Times New

Roman font, etc – 10% reduction for not meeting minimum requirement.

- Students must do proper APA in-text citations (in parenthesis) of the research sources used for

ideas and concepts presented in the paper. 10% reduction for research sources list not meeting APA

format and 10% reduction for not providing in-text citations for sources.

- Contents - Including writing quality, subject, grammar, and punctuation – 10% reduction for

contents not meeting requirements. Note that this is a formal paper and students must use formal


- Turnitin Similarity Score – You are allowed up to a turnitin similarity score of 20%, which means

that found 20% duplication with previously written material on the net or from other

student’s papers. Any duplication percentage over 20% will result in a one point reduction from your

score. For example a turnitin similarity score of 45% would equal a 25 point reduction from your score

(45% - 20% = 25% reduction). Be careful to make the research report your own by paraphrasing the

articles you reference. In addition, no quotations are allowed – we want to encourage you to

paraphrase all material. You will be provided with a Draft Paper folder in turnitin so you can check your

similarity score and make corrections before submitting your final report to turnitin – please take

advantage of this service so you can improve your writing and your score. This scoring approach has

been found to be fair and is not subject to question or changes.

- Number of Pages – 10 % reduction for each page falling below the 10 full page requirement for

the body of the paper mentioned above.

- Late Report – 10% reduction.

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