Native American Mascot issue



Read about the Native American Mascot issue: and see what has been done to solve this issue. Do you feel that the Mascot issue is a serious issue or not? Please explain. Agree or disagree with the following statement, and why: The mascot issue seems to vary from person to person. When I've heard about the mascot issue, it has been about the Redskins. In this case, I see an issue since the term redskin is a derogatory term. As far as the actual mascot, I think this is an issue with how the Native Americans are represented. Even if some people are offended, the issue might be their perception and not the mascot. If the Kansas City Chiefs want to use a Native American chief to represent strength and bravery, I don't think there should be an issue. In one case, the removal of a chief mascot for the University of Illinois. The representation here was considered offensive and was retired in 2007. There are other cases that Native American mascots have stayed, such as the FSU Seminole's mascots. Looking at the two, I could see them both being offensive. The issue of the mascots should be treated seriously in certain cases, but I don't think it's being treated that way.

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