What’s Next for Asia’s Social Movements?



In the Carr Center Discussion Series report, ““Reimagining Social Movements and Civil Resistance in the Global Pandemic” from April 17, 2020, (link in folder) what are some of the negative effects on social movements around the world that the three scholars believe will occur because of the pandemic, and give one example of a specific movement mentioned that might be affected negatively.  You may also find an example in the May 13, 2020, Nation article, “What’s Next for Asia’s Social Movements?” that is also linked to in the folder.

200416_covid_discussion_paper.pdf (harvard.edu)

What’s Next for Asia’s Social Movements? | The Nation

Read "Q-Anon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded" and "Now the World Gets to See the Difference." Global crises often launch social movements -- some of them which seek social justice, and others which seek authoritarian control or that thrive on misinformation. How can social movement forces which rely on facts and evidence combat those that are born of conspiracy theories and misinformation? Why do you think misinformation, propaganda and lies succeeded in the crises of the 1930s which brought the world Mussolini and Hitler, and how can social movements for social justice triumph today?

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