Online gifts and flower delivery assignment help



General Instructions

You should submit on your student portal:

1. Power Point presentation of your business plan

2. Separate Word document with your E-business Startup Plan outline typed in Times New

Roman 12.

Due date: February 25 th 11:59 PM

In this assignment you will work together in groups of two to create as e-commerce business plan.

You should submit your written business plan along with 10-15 minutes Power Point presentation on

a selected topics. It is your responsibility to find your group members and to provide me with

the list of group members, and the name of the member responsible for upload of your work

on student portal no later than Wednesday February 15 th. . You can do this in class or send me an

email with the list of your group members. In a specific situation if you decide to work on your job-

related topic you might get permission to work individually but you should get a written permission

by sending email to me no later than Wednesday, February 15 th .

You can choose between following topics, or you can suggest your own topic you want, just send me

an email with your topic idea.


1. Online gifts and flower delivery

2. Creating business blog

3. Online Amazon affiliate sale website

4. YouTube Vlog channel

5. Any other topic that might be relevant for you but it needs to be approved by

me prior to starting to work on a project

You should refer to materials uploaded on a portal (business plan examples and Internet business

plan presentation). There is also a document uploaded in your student’s portal named: Finding

Resources for your Academic Assignments. For this assignment you can use all types of resources

mentioned in this document.


One of the team members will be responsible for submission of your Power Point presentation in the

Assignment section of your student portal. You have to submit your assignment via your student

portal. If the assignment is not uploaded before the lecture on Monday 27 th , and the team

member responsible for upload did not contact me (in case that there were any problems with

upload) this team member will receive 0 points for assignment.



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MKT 603


FEBRUARY 13, 2017

PROJECT STRUCTURE (to be followed in both Word document and Power Point):


1. Executive summary (150-200 words) 1PT

2. Introduction and background (half page) 1PT

Describe your business idea? Provide the draft version of your vision and/or mission (at least


3. Products, services and e-business model (1 page) 2PT

What products and/or services are you offering? How do you plan to earn from this

business? What is your e-business model? What is your revenue model?

4. Marketing plan (4 pages) OVERALL 8 PT

a. Competition analysis (1 page) 2 PT

Do an online review of at least three similar businesses. How would you compete

with them?

b. Target group (1 page) 2PT

Who and where is your target audience? Describe demography, lifestyle, purchasing

habits and digital usage patterns of your target audience.

c. SWOT analysis (1 page) 2 PT

Graphically represent SWOT analysis

d. Promotional plan (1 or more per your need and ideas) 2 PT

How do you plan to promote your e-business. Include plan for promotion on online

social networks

5. Operational plan (1pg) 2PT

Outline in bullet points how do you plan to implement your plan step by step?

6. Financial plan (1 pg) 1 PT

Briefly identify the costs of your e-business


Visual presentation – 5 points

Oral presentation – 5 points

Presentation will be conducted in class on Monday February 27 th . Your colleagues will grade you

on the presentation and your grade will be based on their and mine evaluation cumulative.

Therefore, be persuasive in your presentation. Imagine you’re your colleagues are your potential

investors, and do your best in persuading them to invest money in your business by presenting a

well-rounded business plan. 


Your Power Point presentation around 15 minutes long and have at least 12 slides. All group

members’ names should be written on a first slide. It is up to your group to decide if you all want to

present or only one group member will present, whatever you think will be more effective to your

audience. Be prepared to respond to questions coming from your audience.

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