Organizational Change
In this exam, you will demonstrate your ability to apply organizational
change concepts to real-world situations in an organization or organizations
with which you are familiar.

- You will choose four (4) topics from the selection offered in the table
- Each of these topics represents an “intervention”—or planned
organizational change process.
- References to concepts from your textbook and outside research in the
online library academic scholarly databases are expected.
- Length – Your analyses should be a minimum of 2400 words in length;
this equates to approximately two (2) pages per each of four (4)
- Terminology and Concepts – Demonstrate mastery of course
objectives by:
 Using and defining organizational change terminology.
 Making frequent references to and explaining course concepts.
- Examples – Support generalizations with specific examples from the
organizational situation you are addressing. Present “pictures” of
organizational behavior; include what actions were taken/are to be
taken, by whom, where, and when.
- Other Sources – Library research is required for the following topics:
Coaching, Workforce Diversity, and Employee Wellness/Stress.
Students are encouraged to conduct brief research on other topics.
You may also want to reference textbooks from, for example,
Contemporary Management, Organizational Behavior, and/or other
Leadership Concentration courses. Include a Reference page and cite
your sources per APA.

- Citation- A minimum of 10 peer-reviewed references from the
online library are required.

Choose four (4) of the topics indicated in the “Topic” column of the following

- The headings and subheadings in the “Content of your Analysis”
column of the table generally reflect the contents of material in the
indicated chapter in your text.
- For most interventions, the textbook includes an introduction on the
intervention’s importance, discussion of “Application Stages,” and a
section on results.

- To ensure full credit for what you write, include the boldface
headings and underlined subheadings that are located in the “Content
of your Analysis” column.
- Avoid identifying organizations/employees by name. Use pseudonyms.
Note: If you do not have adequate organizational experience to respond to
four of the indicated topics, imagine yourself in a troubled organization.
Describe possible needs for improvement and design interventions to
address these needs. Feel free to contact your professor for coaching on this

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