Problem with ​Dynamic type Checking in PL

computer science


Topic - Problem with 

​Dynamic type
 Checking in PL.

No - figures, code, history, lists, section heading, abstract, definiations, table content, bullets.
Problem -> Goal -> Work -> Conculsion -> future working. 
concu. -> what other researcher thinks. 
3 research papers addressing the problem. 

Nova Southeastern University

College of Engineering and Computing

Winter 2017 - Master Level Course

Term Code: 201730 – CRN 31520

Dates: 16 weeks: Jan 09, 2017 - May 07, 2017 - On-Campus

CISC 610 Programming Languages (3 Credits)

Assignment 2 (Research Paper)

% of Total Course worth: Check Syllabus


Your document for this project will be submitted to WebCT (Assignment 2) in one

of the following file formats: ASCII, MS Word, or PDF

This research paper will be evaluated on the content and clarity of each area as

well as the effectiveness, organization, and planning. Factors affecting the

evaluation process include the purpose, significance, merit of the investigation,

focus, depth, and flow.

Research Area:

Programming Language types:





You are a research scientist at a large software company and have been asked to

provide current research (2 years or less) on one of the above-listed programming

languages type. Your goal is to provide research in the latest changes, direction,

and the activity of your language type.

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