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Net Neutrality is the principle that Internet users can connect to any other point in the network. Users

can create, access and use any content, service and application they choose, without discrimination,

restriction or limitation imposed by those who run the infrastructure.

Net neutrality can be explained with this example. To watch a video online we connect to the Internet,

open browser and navigate to the video service of choice. This is possible because the access provider

does not seek to restrict our options. Without Net Neutrality we might instead find that our connection

to video service say YouTube is being slowed down by your access provider in a way that makes it

impossible for us to watch the video. At the same time, we would still be able to connect rapidly to

video service say Netflix and maybe watch exactly the same content. There are many reasons for the

access provider to do this for example, the internet access provider might have signed an exclusive

agreement with this second video platform or provide their own video services and therefore want to

encourage you to use these instead of the service that you initially preferred.

I would like to utilize this opportunity of writing an article to know more about Net Neutrality. I

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