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General Guidelines for Key Assignments Essay on urban principles and practices (pre-phase stage)
Essay organization
Citation and Format requirements

The goal of the assignment is to investigate a list of important urban design principles based on

in-depth reviews of peer-reviewed journal articles and books. These principles should be applicable to a broad range of physical environment types regardless of exactly where people live, work or play. The textbook has five well defined urban design principles (livability, community, opportunity, equality & sustainability). You are required to use all of them for the purpose of the semester-long assignments and you are allowed to include additional principles (1 or 2 only) based on your research. If you are a Master of Environmental Graphics Design student, you are required to use all of the five principles in the textbook and are allowed to include additional principles (1 or 2 only) that deal with cognitive mapping, wayfinding, and other important issues relevant to Environmental Graphics Design.

Introduction: 1 page

Using a basic sentence structure, list all of the principles (the five principles in the textbook.

Include additional principles, if they are part of your list). Even though you are required to use the textbook principles, provide your own explanation as to why in your opinion those principles are important in urban design, regardless of which type of built environment you deal with. (The detailed discussion of each principle is part of next section, entitled “main part.”)

The main part of the essay: 3 pages

In this section, describe each principle in detail. Define one principle at a time, and explain why, in your opinion, it is important to urban design. To support your position or argument, use credible data or evidence from reliable sources such as peer-reviewed journal articles and/or books. In addition, explain how, in your opinion, each principle can be implemented; or discuss strategies for implementing each principle, using data or pieces of evidence from peer-reviewed sources. You are welcome to use information from the textbook. However, keep in mind that the textbook is only one source. Therefore, you must use as many other sources as possible to build your own list or library of useful references, as they will also be beneficial to your semester-long project.

Potential urban design project examples: 1 page

Briefly discuss one potentially useful urban design project that you regard as a good example for the semester-long project, and explain why, and include your rationale for selection.

Consider only the projects that were actually built or implemented. Competition entries or proposals are NOT acceptable.

(Note: your semester-long project will be based on a single urban design project and you will evaluate it through several phases (i.e., Phases 1 through 4; see next page)

Your essay must be cited properly throughout the paper.

Use 11 point font, Calibri, with a 1-inch margin all sides, double spacing, and page numbers

Title page: Your name, ID number, and degree program; course number and title; semester and year

References: If you cited any information or used any images, you must include full information on all sources. Use APA format

Appendix: If you need to use any type of visual aids (e.g., pictures, drawings, maps, diagrams, tables, etc.), include them with figure numbers only in the main body of your essay for ease in cross-referencing, and include the visual aids in ap

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