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1.)You have just been hired to manage a new project that will involve not only the installation of a new company-wide computer system, but also the implementation of new processes. As project manager, you must create a project plan and a change management plan. Where do you begin? What should be your first task and why? 
Who should be part of the planning process? What problems could arise due to the changes? How will you measure the success of the change management plan? 

2.)Who should be part of the planning process? Why?
3.)What problems could arise due to the changes?

4.)Every organization and project has its share of conflict. What matters is how that conflict is handled. Let’s start this discussion by addressing the causes of conflict in an organization or on a project. Whenever possible, share your personal experiences. 
5.)What can be done to minimize conflict in an organization?

6.)How do people usually deal with conflict?
7.)Quite often upon completing the schedule, we find that the end date does not meet with stakeholders' requirements. We then need to perform schedule compression. What are the drawbacks to various schedule compression techniques? How effective are the various techniques? How can one improve the effectiveness of these various techniques?

8.)Often when creating a schedule, a resource or two gets overallocated. To resolve this, we perform resource leveling. Below are some questions to consider in resource leveling to begin our discussion.

  • What is a resource calendar?
  • Who determines resource availability on a typical project?
  • How much detail should be demanded by the project manager in resource assignments?
  • What factors might intervene between the plan and its execution to disrupt the resources assigned to the project?

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